Inclusive Access

Courses that use Course Ware, and require codes are ECO 101, BUS 100, BUS 134, IMS 101, MTH 090 MTH 095, MTH 096, MTH 098, COM 103. Refer to video below for instructions on how to acquire your code.

Courses that use Course Ware that do not require codes are CRJ 101, CRJ 105, CRJ 106, CRJ 107.

Courses that use E-Book only are CRJ 201, CRJ 206, CRJ 207, EAS 120, EAS 125, NAT 111.

Inclusive Direct Access will be accessed via Canvas.

It ensures that course materials are offered at the lowest market rate.

Opting out will disable access to the required materials for the course.

An FAQ is available Here.

Accessing Content via Canvas:

If you have any additional questions please contact Lynn Doulas at (708) 608-4164.