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Redshelf Access Code Directions

Instructions for Digital RedShelf downloads for Fall 2022

MTH-139 (D. Durkin)  MTH-139 (Riola, Santor, Johnson, McNeal)

MTH-210 (J. Walker)

MTH-210 (B. Kurth)

PSY-101  (N. Shizas)

PSY-105  (E. Hamilton)

PSY-106  (L. Lauzen-Collins)

PSY-210-300  (C. Williams)


Student orders Digtial Redshelf from Bookstore website


 If you Purchase a Pearson Access Code for this courses.

Once order is processed, student will receive email from

Moraine Valley Bookstore.

Open email and there is a link to Redshelf.

Click on RedShelf Link.

There will be a box that says Publisher Access code.

Copy the access code (DO NOT paste access code in Redeem

RedShelf access code)

Log in to Pearson

You will be asked for Course ID (Instructor should have that set up in Pearson)

Once student puts in Course ID, a box should appear where

they can paste the digital access code.


Once student pastes the access code, the course material

should come up. The left side has the menu of the different

options available with the download.  One of the options

is e text.  Click on e text and the book should open on the device.

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Buyback Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

•Our #1 goal is to purchase your textbooks for 50% of the price you paid for them at the beginning of the semester. If your instructor has told us that they will be using the same material for the following semester, we generally pay half of the selling price.
•Immediate cash (No waiting for a check or a deposit)
•No need to pay for shipping costs
•No appointment necessary
•Lower your future textbook costs - By selling your textbooks to us you will help other Moraine Valley students and yourself by reducing textbook costs, as we can provide a larger selection of used textbooks for the following semester.

If the Bookstore is not buying back a book for whatever reason, NBC may be buying it for their own reselling. This is a major advantage to selling your books back at the end of the semester.


Fall 2022 Course Textbooks and Materials

Order Online and pick up your Course Materials 

You can use Curb side or Instore Pick up . 

Order your Fall 2022 Textbooks/course materials online at books.morainevalley.edu. You can use curbside pick up in parking Lot D or come to the D Hallway first floor for counter service pick up. Please allow 24 hours to pick up your order after it is placed. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be available for pickup on the following Monday. Curbside services are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bookstore is open to students .


Call 708-974-5716 when you are at Curb side.

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